Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Best of the Mobile IM Programs

It has become quite normal to use your smart phone for things other than making phone calls. With the capabilities of today’s smart phones, it would be ludicrous to use them simply for phone calls. Many smart phones are capable of doing such things as instant message and twitter. The best mobile IM app in terms of strict instant messaging is IM+, although this app is restricted to the iPhone. This free mobile app allows you to instant message using multiple platforms all within the same buddy list. One communication app that you should have on all your smart phones is DriveSafe.ly from iSpeech. This is not a strictly a IM program but it is a communication app that handles short messaging, but only text and email. If you get your IM messages via text then you will want this application. It great for when you are driving, as it converts text and emails into spoke words, allow you to hear your text messages and emails when they arrive.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Learn to Text with the Best Mobile IM

You will soon be able to text with the best application on your cell phone. This is done by voice recognition, and not your fingers or thumbs. This allows you more freedom when going to drive, while still wanting to keep in touch with everyone around you at the same time. You do not have to worry about the application not being able to clearly hear what you are trying to text back since it has the most technology packed into one little program. The people on the other end will be sure to understand the message you are trying to send out. Do not become a statistic by texting while driving the old way. Get the new application, and make sure you stay safe in your vehicle. Find out more information when you go to DriveSafe.ly. They will get you on your way to downloading the application that you have always wanted.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Be able to safely drive and chat with new phone application

Phone's today are capable of accomplishing a wide variety of tasks, utilizing many convenient abilities that go beyond the standard making and receiving of calls. In addition to text messaging, phones can even connect to the internet and through that send emails, or even use instant messaging clients to communicate wirelessly and instantly with other people. While this is an extremely useful form of communication, you can't safely use your phone all the time. Specifically, driving while using your phone is a rising danger today, as more people wish to stay connected to each other, even while driving. To curb the dangers of chatting on your phone while driving, Ispeech has developed a new hands free phone application. Called DriveSafe.ly, this application allows the user to have any messages received read out loud and clearly back to them. Additionally, automatic responses can be programmed so you never have to touch your phone while driving. For free downloads and more information on this application, visit DriveSafe.ly.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Texting and What You Should Know

Many say that texting and driving is actually worse than driving under the influence of alcohol. When the driver is under the influence he or she is at least paranoid enough to keep both hands on the wheel as well as both eyes. Four out of five accidents are caused by texting compared to one out three associated with drunk drivers. When texting; the drivers reaction time can be as slow as a 70 year old. Texting actually forces the driver to look down as well as moving their fingers. It is also said that for every two seconds the drivers eyes are off the road, the driver is twice as likely to cause a deadly accident. So unless you are a chameleon and can move your eyes in different directions to look down at the phone and at the road at the same time, it is suggested that you refrain from texting and driving. Learn more about how to keep safe while on the road by visiting DriveSafe.ly.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Text Over The Road

Today's modern cell phones can do almost anything. They can give you directions, take pictures, record movies and receive email, text messages and even browse the Internet. They are more of a mini-computer than a simple device for audio communication. But with these entire myriad of features they also do something else, they distract you from the road. Texting is the most dangerous. It takes your focus off of the road completely. The application available at Drivesafe.ly is the best mobile IM application for keeping the distractions to a minimum, and your eyes safely on the road ahead. You are able to get their application for free by visiting them at DriveSafe.ly, they will also be able to give you more information on the services that they provide. This allows you to learn more about the application before getting it, and lets you stay safe while driving as well for free.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Keeping You Safe While You Stay In Touch

It is normal to be able to use smart phones for more than making phone calls and answering text messages. Many of the new phones such as the iPhone support applications that can do things like twitter and instant messaging. For the Iphone the best IM app is IM+ which is much like Trillian for Windows. It consolidates your buddy lists into one list, allowing you to run one application instead of several. There is one other communications related app for the Iphone that you should know about and that is DriveSafe.ly from iSpeech. Many people rely on their iPhones to keep up withe their emails and to stay in touch using text messages. This does not stop when they get in the car and with the time sensitive emails that many people receive, it is understandable. However it can be hazardous to read and respond to emails when driving. DriveSafe.ly solves this problem by reading your texts and email aloud to you and it can auto respond with a customized message. With these two apps, IM+ and DriveSafe.ly, you will be set to go.