Monday, February 8, 2010

Be able to safely drive and chat with new phone application

Phone's today are capable of accomplishing a wide variety of tasks, utilizing many convenient abilities that go beyond the standard making and receiving of calls. In addition to text messaging, phones can even connect to the internet and through that send emails, or even use instant messaging clients to communicate wirelessly and instantly with other people. While this is an extremely useful form of communication, you can't safely use your phone all the time. Specifically, driving while using your phone is a rising danger today, as more people wish to stay connected to each other, even while driving. To curb the dangers of chatting on your phone while driving, Ispeech has developed a new hands free phone application. Called, this application allows the user to have any messages received read out loud and clearly back to them. Additionally, automatic responses can be programmed so you never have to touch your phone while driving. For free downloads and more information on this application, visit

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