Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Best of the Mobile IM Programs

It has become quite normal to use your smart phone for things other than making phone calls. With the capabilities of today’s smart phones, it would be ludicrous to use them simply for phone calls. Many smart phones are capable of doing such things as instant message and twitter. The best mobile IM app in terms of strict instant messaging is IM+, although this app is restricted to the iPhone. This free mobile app allows you to instant message using multiple platforms all within the same buddy list. One communication app that you should have on all your smart phones is DriveSafe.ly from iSpeech. This is not a strictly a IM program but it is a communication app that handles short messaging, but only text and email. If you get your IM messages via text then you will want this application. It great for when you are driving, as it converts text and emails into spoke words, allow you to hear your text messages and emails when they arrive.

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